Crush Proof Dairy Hoses

Application :

  •  Premium quality milk and dairy hose specially conceived to convey milk and
    derivatives, buttermilk and fatty foodstuffs in general.
  •  Ideal solution for internal transfers in dairies and food industrial processes
    especially where a crush-proof hose version is a benefit in application.

Crush Proof Dairy Hoses


Main Benefits :

  •  The special crush-proof structure allows the hose to recover its shape in case of accidental running-over.
  •  IMPERIA/SPL/CRUSH-PROOF is totally free from plasticizers and animal derivatives, thus reducing the risk of bacteria
           proliferation and preventing any hazards of cross-contamination of the media conveyed.
  •  MPERIA/SPL/CRUSH-PROOF hose exhibits a good resistance against usual cleaning and disinfection processes used in the
           food industry.


Construction : NBR rubber (cod. NAB90), clear colour, food quality, odourless and tasteless, smooth, mirror-like. Complies with FDA standards, with BfR recommendations and with M.D. 21/03/73 and following amendments.
RAL registration for food quality.

Reinforcement :
Synthetic textile piles.
Embedded synthetic wire helix.

Cover :
Synthetic rubber, blue colour, abrasion, ozone and weather resistant, smooth, cloth finish.
It withstands accidental contact with animal and vegetable fats.

Temperature Range :

  •   From -20C to +90C.
  •   Peaks up to +130C for sterilisation, for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Safety Factor : ≥ 3 times working pressure


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