EPDM Food Grade Hose

Used extensively for suction, delivery purposes, our EPDM food grade hoses are also suitable for milk and by- products. Manufactured from high quality raw materials, our hoses are available at cost effective prices. These are user-friendly in design and deliver long lasting performance.

Application :

High quality beverage hose particularly suitable to handle a wide spectrum of liquid food products such as wines, Fruit juices, beer, potable water.

Ideal solution when temperature capacity is required Inner liner resistant to medium concentration acids and bases For section and delivery purpose

EPDM Food Grade Hoses

Construction Tube :

  •   EPDM-based rubber, light colour, odourless and tasteless, mirror-like, smooth
  •   Rubber compound complying with FDA standard, with BgVV recommendations and requirements of the German food
             legislation ( Cat.II) and with M.D. 21/03/73 and following amendments.
  •   Suitable for all commercial cleaning and disinfection products used m the food industry.

Reinforcement : Plies of synthetic cord and embedded steel helix wire.

Cover : Synthetic rubber, green, smooth, abrasion and weather resistant, cloth finish.

Temperature Range :
From -40 up to 120C
Sterilisation up to 140C for a maximum time of 30 minutes


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