PVC Food Grade Hose

Our company is offering PVC Food Grade Hoses which are at par with industry approved quality standards. Demanding negligible maintenance, these are trouble free in use and also aesthetic in design. These hoses are vacuum-proof, robust and are bets suitable for electro-static discharge

Apllication :

Universal suction and transport, hose, epically suitable :

For solids such as powder, chips and granulates

For gaseous and liquid media

For pressure and vacuum pumps

For industry, agriculture and construction engineering

For reducing the ground water

PVC Food Grade Hoses


Properties :

  •   Super-heavy model
  •   Smooth interior and exterior
  •   Flexible
  •   Very high pressure, vacuum and compression
  •   resistance
  •   High axial strength
  •   Food quality wall complies with
  •   Good resistance to alkalis and acids
  •   Good resistance to chemicals
  •   Good resistance to UV and ozone
  •   Gas and liquid tight
  •   Pressure resistant
  •   Vacuum Proof
  •   Very Robust


Material :

  •   Wall: high grade soft PVC
  •   Spiral: spring steel wire


Temperature Range :

  •   20C approx. to +70C approx.
  •   Short time to +80 C approx.

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